About the trail

About the Trail

Secret Bunker/ North is an exciting public art project which shares the hidden military history of Kenton and Blakelaw, exploring the rise of communications technology in WWII. 

Mirroring the secret nature of the bunker, eight sound pieces are hidden in specially designed benches and plinths marked by the project symbol. These are spread around Kenton and Blakelaw, sharing personal experiences, accounts of the local area and ground breaking technology.

Posts with red, yellow, blue and green markers puncture the skyline of Blakelaw Park to signal the location of the burnt oak benches. Come and sit, listen and discover. 

Click the icons on the map for more information about the trail and to hear snippets of the audio recordings.

About the Trail

Project Team: 

Sound artist, Lucie Potter; Tom Warren/ Collective Architecture; Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects