02.39 AM

1st of about 7 hostile raids (totalling approximately 9 enemy aircraft approach coast of Scotland from direction of Norway).


6 patrols of single fighters despatched from Dyce and Turnhouse sectors. Bombs reported dropped in a few coastal places.

04.20 AM

Heinkel 115 force landed near Arbroath. Probably E/A that attacked searchlight and was fired at by it.

12.35 PM

3 raids totalling 26+ E/A approached Tyne area from the NE at 12,000 ft crossing the coast between Acklington and Blythe.

12.45 PM

No 72 Squadron met the enemy at 1245 hours. They reported that the raid consisted of approximately 100 bombers in close vics, five abreast and astern the whole raid at approximately 18000 feet. Seven fighters attacked the bombers above and astern in two waves while the remaining four fighters engaged the ME110s.

12.48 PM

At 1248 hours No 79 Squadron intercepted 60 bombers in vics five astern, escorted by a few ME110s. After their initial attack they reformed over Blyth and when ordered to patrol Usworth saw about 60 DO215s approaching Newcastle, escorted by two squadrons of ME110s. They attacked and the escort turned away leaving the bombers to proceed alone.

12.55 PM

Catterick Sect. Green 41 Sqdn intercept Raid 44

12.56 PM

At 1256 hours E/A were suddenly plotted 20 miles E. of the Tyne and No 41 Squadron who were patrolling Seaham Harbour were ordered to investigate and sweep round to Blyth. They engaged a mass arrow head formation of 50 bombers with 40 ME110s astern and above over Bishop Auckland. The leader ordered ‘B’ Flight to attack the escort so that ‘A’ flight could get at the bombers, but the fighters maintained formation and ‘A’ Flight made a dummy attack from the stern, breaking away underneath and coming up behind to engage the rearguard.

12.59 PM

Catterick Blue Sect. 41 Sqdn intercept Raid 41

13.15 PM

At 1315 hours Nos 607 & 605 Squadrons engaged off the Tyne. E/A consisted of 60 mixed bombers in two vics of 20 and 40.

13.21 PM

Additional raids totalling 38 E/A crossed coast at 7,000 ft at Flamborough Head and spread out … north and south.
OCLO (Observer Corps Liaison Officer) reports Leeds Police have now found 32 parachutes. Hucknall told and confirmed that 12 Group are dealing with matter.

13.30 PM

At 1330 hours No 219 Squadron, who had been patrolling Scarborough at 20000 feet engaged about 40 mixed bombers off Flamborough but in spite of stern chases, had difficulty overtaking.

13.35 PM

Now approximately 40/50 E/A over Tyne area and third wave of about 23 E/A appeared over Sunderland and Tynemouth. Now estimated that 130/140 E/A operating. Enemy formation consisted of around 70 bombers escorted by two layers of fighters above, each of 6 vics of 6 aircraft. Another was a large square formation with rear aircraft rotating.

13.35 PM

Three squadrons of Hurricanes, two of Spitfires and one of Blenheims totalling 75 a/c were engaged.

14.20 PM

Board is clear.

Areas attacked were Tynemouth, Seaham Harbour, Sunderland, Scarborough and Barnard Castle. No damage of military importance was reported.